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Dates & Venues for Area Meetings
(all commence @ 10:30)

Nov 10th
Dec 8th

Regional Gathering

17th November
From 10:00am untill 3:30pm

Bolton Meeting House, 50, Silverwell Street, Bolton, BL1 1PP

‘On being a Quaker through Life’s journey’

Rawtenstall Faith Lecture

1st December
From 11:00am until 3:15pm

Matt Carmichael:  ‘Rekindling the Spirit of Community – Restoring Depth in an age of Screens’. 

In an age of social contacts mediated by screens and algorithms, what is real community?   And in an age when real community is threatened by globalisation and ecological destruction, what does it take to build community?   Matt Carmichael seeks answers in the spheres of soil, soul and society.   He finds inspiration in sacred texts, contemporary activists, and cultures which never forgot how to live in community.

Rawtenstall Unitarian Church, Bank Street, Rawtenstall BB4 7QY

Rawtenstall Faith Lecture

23rd March 2019
From 11:00am until 3:15pm

 Alastair McIntosh:  ‘Towards Third Millennium Christianity:  Activism, Nonviolence and the Mystical Imperative’.

If Christianity still matters, then why?   Alastair McIntosh will argue that Jesus was an activist on a cosmic scale.    He understood non-violence as the power of love.   Religion of the first and second millennia has, for the most part, compromised that vision.  Third Millennium Christianity is a refreshed opening of the way, a way of liberation.  It seeks, in co-operation with other faiths, to walk the mystical path and bring fresh hope into the world.

Rawtenstall Unitarian Church, Bank Street, Rawtenstall BB4 7QY

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